Join us at our annual Autumn Bubbles and Bulbs Event in October. Flowering bulbs, planted in autumn, will flower in spring and early summer. Our collection of bulbs are top quality and provide excellent value.

The date of this event is yet to be finalised and is subject to the arrival of the bulbs. (This can be a bit unpredictable!)  This event was well attended last year. We hope to see lots of our members popping along to the store for this year’s Bubbles and Bulbs when the date has been advised.

We order a fairly standard range of daffodils and tulips along with crocus and various other small bulbs.  If you would like any advice on choosing bulbs, planting and caring for your bulbs, why not pop along to the shop on a Sunday morning? We will be happy to help.  We might even find you a cup of tea or coffee! Do you have a favourite bulb you would like to see on sale? Or is there something special, either variety or colour, that we could order for you?  If there is something you would like, please contact Alison Townsend on 01442 842421 or by email at