We are delighted to welcome Kate Stuart-Smith to our AGM on Wednesday 24th April, to give us a talk about the lovely garden at Serge Hill, Bedmond, Hertfordshire and the work of the National Garden Scheme. (NGS)

Serge Hill Project.

Some of our members will be familiar with the garden being so close to us at Bedmond. Kate is always busy in the garden or in helping to arrange open gardens under the National Gardens Scheme, as she is a joint County Organiser.

The AGM will be at the Thomas Field Hall next to Little Gaddesden Church. Doors open at 6.30pm and wine and cheese will be served, we plan a fairly short section on VPA matters and will then move on to Kate’s presentation, c. 30 mins and time for questions, after which tea and coffee will be available.

We look forward to seeing you. If you would like to find more information on Kate please click on the link below.

Kate Stuart-Smith and the creation of her effortlessly romantic English country garden – Country Life

Don’t forget our PLANT SALE on Sunday May 19th at 10am at the Village Hall car park. We would welcome donations of plants so:-

With seedlings ‘Please sow an extra tray for the VPA’

Have you too many of something, or need to create some space for something new, if so split up the plants or pot up the spares and bring them along on the day (or before if you cannot make the day itself). Plant donations can be left with Kate Filippidis at Christmas House, (left hand side as you head along the road towards Ringshall, or at the VPA store. More details on the arrangements for donations will be provided in the week before the sale. Please label up your plant donations so people know which plants/seedlings they are.

Thanks very much in anticipation!