Village Produce Association (VPA) Store to close?

Dear Members of the VPA

What a sad heading this is!

After three years looking after the Store our manager Lin  Underwood is now stepping down. Her last time in the store will be 11 December 2022. We are very grateful to Lin for her guidance and enthusiasm in managing and developing the business.

Also, Stuart Buchanan-Barrow has decided to step down from the Treasurer duties he commenced over six years ago. Just as Lin has done with the store, Stuart has with books and accounts, keeping the records in excellent order and steering us forward, with a good watchful eye on incoming and outgoing money requirements which has been essential.

Consequently we are in urgent need of volunteers to fill those shoes.

To keep the Store running we need someone to manage the ordering of stock, store opening, either by being present personally, or by ensuring a rota of volunteers is covering Sunday mornings between 10 am and 12 noon (the current opening times of the store).

Our sales, which cover all things to make gardening successful, plus the very popular bird food selection, continue to deliver profits to the VPA funds and we have a turnover of c.£5,000pa.

In order that we have a smooth handover we need someone to step up straightaway for both of these roles.

Please contact any committee member to discuss what is required.  If we do not receive any interest in helping with these requirements the store will not be able to function and will close for good on December 11th.

Lin Underwood:

Alastair Greene: or 843667

June Abraham: or 07760144057

Stuart Buchanan-Barrow: 843602

Janet Stinton: 842218

The Store, which is situated next to the Village Hall, is the heart of the VPA and alongside that we run events like the May Plant Sale, the Winter and Summer Shows and the always popular Harvest Supper and Quiz night.

We have continually flagged up the need for volunteers and thankfully we have been able to run with a very small Committee in recent years.  However, the need to have someone(s) undertake the organisation of the Store is a critical one.

The remaining Sunday opening days are: 30/10, 06/11, 20/11, 27/11, 04/12 and 11/12/2022.

Are there some entrepreneurial young people out there that could get involved and learn about stock ordering, pricing and selling on a small scale which would enhance a CV?  You do not need to have a knowledge of gardening but need to be prepared to learn the basics to keep the Store viable.

If anyone has any ideas or can contribute to mapping out a possible strategy for the Store to continue we are all ears and very much wish to hear from you, now.

Your Committee