Congratulations to Mandy Haynes for a marvellous 4.4Kg in the adult section and even more applause for Ollie & Chloe Paterson of Ashridge Farm for a collosal 6.0 Kg in the junior section. Tip here was to grow them in a tyre, plant them in good manure based soil and and water regularly!

Mandy, winner of the adult section
Ollie and Chloe, winners of the junior section
Pom holding up some of the crop
Great display of clean and consistent size spuds from Jean Smith
Val and Jeremy at the weigh in

Thanks to everyone for taking part, we had 70 entries and whilst not everyone lasted the course, in fact some dug them up and ate them prior to the weigh in! it was a lot of fun, with some intra family competition too. Good entries from the Hobleys and the Wise Family. Hope you like the photos.