It seems a little premature to be thinking about Spring when we are scarcely into Autumn but as most of us were caught out by strange circumstances that hit us all in March of this year, perhaps some forward planning is a good idea.

As you are enjoying the fruits of your labour in the vegetable garden, it is a good time to assess what has done well for you and what has struggled to give you a good crop and to formulate a plan for next year’s produce.

Berkhamsted Gardeners Club have very kindly invited us to join them in ordering vegetable seed for next spring.  Their association belongs to a scheme which allows them access to cheaper seeds.  The catalogues and order forms are in the VPA Store and if you are interested in ordering any seeds, please contact any of the members of the Committee and we can let you have a catalogue.

The organiser of this scheme at Berkhamsted Gardeners Club has asked that we let her have any orders before 23rd September so that we can all take advantage of a further “early order” discount, so if you would like to order any seeds we would ask you to let us know what you would like by that date.