Miniature Garden

Make a miniature garden for faires or dinosaurs! These miniature gardens are really fun to make and you can use absolutely anything you want.

Miniature gardens are the subject of Project No 3: Miniature Gardens on the VPA Young Gardeners page. Click or tap on the project link to go straight there and take a look!

Note to Parents

These projects have been carefully put together by a team of us at the VPA to encourage all our children to have fun while learning.  Aspects of each project are designed to highlight growing and nutrition, environmental awareness, wildlife and even elements of maths, science, nature and history.  With all these tools we hope to encourage a new generation of gardeners who will gain positive attitudes in their lives to health, both physical and mental; and who will learn the relaxation to be found in gardening as well as the productivity and the joy of eating something that they have grown themselves.

Alison Townsend
for the VPA Young Gardeners Team
Spring 2020